Takkatupa in English

Takkatupa - for meetings, get-togethers or festive occasions


Adjoining to the sauna there is sc Takkatupa i.e. "hall with a fireplace", premises than can be rented for private occasions. There is an open fireplace (takka), traditional Finnish wooden tables and benches, a kitchenette with utensils and dishes for 60 people. In addition there is videoprojector containing radio, tv, cd-player, possibility to link your pc, and an internet connection.

You can rent the tupa for a whole day, or per hour. You can also rent the adjoining small sauna (6 - 8 persons at a time) The rent is 60€.

The big public sauna may be rented only outside opening hours between 19/21 - 24. The rent is 90€ per hour, as the stoker needs to be present to take care of heating and closing the sauna.

Renting hours are between 9 - 24.

Renting the Takkatupa

Contact person Marinka Mäkelä: 040-5871999 from 10 - 16 weekdays or email marinka.makela(at)gmail.com

Check the calendar to see vacancies. Remember the reservation must be made by phoning the contact person.

Take good care of the Takkatupa

When leaving the premises, please take with you your things, and clean up after you, otherwise we may charge you for the extra work. If you leave after Sauna's opening hours, you need to call the security company and close the door. After that you may leave. Otherwise we may charge you for the extra work. Please don't mess with the AV-equipment manually, use the remote control!

Note: Please remember to recycle bio in the bio trash can!

The reservation may be canceled a week or more before the reservation time without extra charge.

Price list  from 1.9.2017

Su-Th per one day                      300 €
Su-Th per one hour                       70 €
Fr-Sa per one day                       450 € 
Small sauna                                  60 €
Big sauna per hour                       90 € --> 1.1.2020 150€
Cleaning charge per hour            100 €

Extra charge for cancelled reservation within less than one to two week  50 %, one week - 0 day 100% of reservation.

Welcome and enjoy your stay! Please leave the tupa nice and clean for those who come after you!